Worthiness IS your Birthright

Have you checked in with yourself?  

Ask yourself the question "do I love myself?" 

What comes up? Another question... the answer...is it yes or is it no? How fast could you answer this question?


I am a self proclaimed Thought Leader and In my unique way, I would like to help shift the collective mindset.

 I think a shift can only happen when we pay attention to our habits.

Habits are behaviours or thought patterns. Thought patterns make up your mindset. Sometimes a shift can occur instantly with a new awareness.

Keep reading. Perhaps it will happen for you today.

When we are very young we mimic and model our environment and learn how to love ourselves by copying how others love us.  If those role models love us in a way that is not ideal, abusive or perhaps negligent than we might not actually be able to model it at all. This can cause a lack of awareness that self love IS a needed skill and emotion.  My hope is that if you are like I was (at the age of 40), and are just realizing this now as an  adult, you can start to create our own self-love.   Most people just need the “how”. Many people  tend to do this by embarking on a path of self-discovery. 

The following is a key mindset pattern and Is a part of my "how to develop self love" program. I teach my life coaching clients this mindset pattern  and ask them to read the next paragraph often until it shows up as a new habitual thought pattern within themselves. You can do this too.

- It is important to realize that you do not need to define your worth or yourself by how other’s define you.  Their opinion is not yours, it is theirs. Therefore, any negative opinions they might have about you is really a projection of how they feel about themselves (not you), it’s an illusion, so it is important to leave it with them, it belongs to them. In my coaching world this phycholgical phenomenon is referred to as Perception is Projection. A person's perception of their own self deep down outside conscious awareness is projected outward through a camera and lens unique to that person. You are simply the screen that they are projecting on. Take a classic bullying situation. How many times have you heard that bullying behavior is all about the bully, what they feel about themselves ( usually poor self esteem) and this is projected outward onto a target. Of course it is harmful to the target, but perhaps it doesn't have to be. I always remind my son that he can choose to not let hurtful words hurt or he can choose to have them hurt only a little. I teach my karate youth and adult students to consider that they can "decide" to not allow the negative opinions of others land on them at all. This is key to emotional and mental self defense in my opinion.

When you understand that you can decide where to spend your emotional currency and realize that you hold it, not someone else, the seed of self love begins to grow.  If you decide that how others see you is actually how you ARE then there is work to be done because this thought pattern is flawed. Worthiness is a birthright and when you get to a place where you understand this truth about yourself AND others you will find yourself loving life, controlling your destiny and you will be released from a huge block which is holding you back from living the life you deserve and being the incredibly magnificent person you already are!*™

~To your Self-Mastery and Wellness! 



*™ The thoughts, opinions and photos in this blog article are the intellectual property of Julie Creighton and may be shared in whole through social media in its entirety or in parts with appropriate credit being given to Julie Creighton & juliecreightonnlp.com



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Giving thanks to a very important person

Let’s give thanks to the person at the center of your world….YOU!!!

That’s right!!! YOU!


When was the last time that you expressed gratitude for yourself?

Are you grateful for the person you are?

Do you spend time honoring your mind, body and the energy that flows through?

Don’t mistaken what I am saying for Self Gratification…

Self Gratitude is comprised of the actions and thoughts that create an internal environment of self appreciation.  Self Gratification is the act of pleasing oneself or satisfying one’s desires.

They are different.

Today in the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to challenge you to pause and reflect on your own self.  Scan yourself head to toe.  Sit for a moment and mindfully choose to describe yourself positively.


I don’t mean find what you recall others think is positive about you and reflect on that.  I mean scan your body and mindfully choose to describe it positively.  For instance, when I do this I choose to do it when I am in the shower and as I bathe I focus on how my feet provide me the ability to stand strong and balanced and they carry me forward in life.  My legs provide speed and are long and allow me to reach higher and metaphorically they allow me to “go the distance”

Do you see what I mean?

We tend to either talk trash about ourselves and our bodies with phrases like:

“I hate my body”,

“I am ugly”

“I don’t like my legs”

“I am fat, urgh!”

“My feet are gross”

“My face is too chubby”

“My hair is stringy”

“ I wish I was a natural blond”

“I am stupid”

“I don’t like myself”

Or we acknowledge the so called “positives” we have adopted by what others tell us about ourselves.


 The words you use not only describe your world, the words you use create it. So create your own positive definition of yourself for yourself.

Your mind is a powerful thing and the words that you hear yourself say about yourself will embed deep into your mind, set up house just outside your conscious awareness and then create a lens that you view life with.    You will start to believe this nonsense about yourself.


I would like to introduce you to the idea that you decide and create worthiness in yourself; and you ARE worthy.  YOU are beautiful. You are magnificent!  I truly believe that we all are. We are more than our bodies and our thoughts we are unique individuals that come into this world with the potential to impact it with our unique perspective and work that we choose to do. 

Unfortunately we model our self worth by how others treat us from a very young age.  Abuse, neglect, negativity and simply the perspective of a child ends up creating our self image and self worth.  It’s not to blame anyone, it just is what it is.  We pattern and adopt the opinions of others as our own from a very young age.  We have to. Our survival depends on it. It is not a bad thing always, in fact it is how we learn to walk, talk, read and write.  When it comes to how we see ourselves and define ourselves….it can be a flawed system.  That said we are not prisoner to it. We just have to be aware of it.

So, I am challenging you to review and reflect on how you define yourself?  Do you?  How are you as a person?  What are all your strengths? What is amazing about yourself? Create a list of positive words that describe you.  By the way, I said POSITIVE words.  We tend to focus on our negatives, the things we don’t like and wish to change.  Today, focus on what positives you decide you are and every time you have self talk watch for the words....switch them to the ones on your new list

A client challenged me on this once saying “ won’t I become conceited and arrogant?” My answer is “NO”.  What keeps us humble is the notion that we are perfect and imperfect. We have perfection within all our imperfections. 


We acknowledge that we are in fact actually quite imperfect beings, however, when we know that this just means we have capacity to learn it allows us to focus on our positive attributes all the while staying humble. 


Personally, I know that I am not perfect, but I focus my thoughts about myself on my deep internal magnificence.  Some people call it our soul essence, or our connection to the Universe, God, Allah or The Source; you might call it connection the the Great Architect in the Sky…or perhaps it’s a connection to your intuition or that calm space you go to upon meditation; THAT part of you is the part to focus on; the person within.  Choose to give thanks to that person.

YOU, that’s the perfect you

The you that has been through it all with you.

The you that has been your best friend, weathered the struggles and challenges and all the difficulties.

You never left your side.

Give Thanks today for YOU.

You had your back and will HAVE your back always in the future so be your own best friend, and love yourself first. Humbly.


Choose today to define yourself by all that you have learned in the past through mistakes and failures, things not done or transgressions that you have done. Those moments don’t define you, those moments create wisdom, allow you to learn and are an opportunity to become a better version of yourself as a result!


How exciting does that sound!!!!


Imagine that all this time you have been creating your best self, the best version of yourself and it doesn’t stop there, as you continue on your path forward in life with this new perspective and self appreciation focus you will lay a foundation of humility, self confidence and deep deep self worth.  If you seek achievement and successful results in all areas of your life, you MUST first choose to see yourself in a positive way and then choose to love that person more than a fairytale mother loves her infant child. 


It’s easy and effortless to start; just begin today by knowing that you are perfect inside and out, acknowledge it and ignite the spark of love for yourself like you would for your BFF!


Give Thanks today for the person at the center of your world…

YOU! And...



To your Self-Mastery and Wellness,


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We need more DUMB in the world!!!

   WE DO! 


  It just might change the climate ...

The climate controlled and held within people.

The weather found on the inside. The emotional and mental weather found within all of us can be changed from Stormy, Dreary, Cold, Scorching, and blistering Hot internal weather (aka moods and emotions) into Calm, Peaceful, Clear, Still, and even Neutral weather. 

I see and feel the boiling climate in people these days. Heads down, trying to get their day done so that they can go to bed and get their next day done...over and over... 

This is truly not a way to live.... 

Living life must be vibrant and inspiring!!! Waking up excited for what is in store! New experiences, new joys, and beautiful people to encounter!

Can you remember a time when you woke up totally inspired?!? Go back to that memory right now! Close your eyes and see it. Take a moment to bring it all into focus and feel what you felt in your body at the time and bring that to your mind. Really SEE It! Add colour to the memory and blow it up BIG and BRIGHT! Take it further and now HEAR any pertinent sounds in that memory !! 

Do you feel the INSPIRATION?! Yes of course! Because it is in your memory. Doesn't it feel wonderful? Wouldn't it be amazing to feel that feeling every day in your life? How incredible would that be? You can bring back a positive memory every morning to anchor your day in inspiration using this technique. I do it and it works! I love it. 

You can even go a step further to inspire yourself and you can do this by developing more DUMB in your life... By that I mean develop a Dream Driven Goal! 

Read mine in the picture below: 


I believe Self Mastery in life is key to living a well rounded, joyous and fulfilling life. It is essential for aging miraculously and I believe if all people were aligned and congruent in mind, boy and energy that flows through the planet would benefit as a whole.

Creating a DUMB Goal is a process that helps a person develop self mastery. It all needs to start with a flame.

Self Mastery involves building a fire of INSPIRATION  within yourself!!

 "In-spiration" comes from within you. It is harnessed and engineered by YOU for YOU.

Motivation is different. It is a by-product of INSPIRATION and it is the impact created from INSPIRATION! Motivational speakers impact you with THEIR inspiration and it is wonderful !!  I am motivated by many!

However, what if you couldn't access them one day? Your fire will shrink because the source is gone.

I challenge you to include the development of INSPIRATION within yourself. This will be a source that is sustainable AND everlasting in your journey and you will wake up totally motivated by it. EVERYDAY!

Start by setting your DUMB goal and see how that will light a fire within!

This video will help you get started :)


To Your Self Mastery and Wellness! 


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Awakening your self love - Doing this one thing will change your life!

I spend much of my time with people. I am a Martial Arts instructor, Coach, Mother, Wife and Friend. About 10 years ago I would have added Registered Nurse.  I am now retired from the nursing world but what drew me into caring for others as a nurse is still ever present within myself and is part of my day to day now.  My passion is to care for and help others. I am a Nurturer. In fact, I have a strong, insatiable desire to help end people's suffering, especially those who are stuck... stuck in their own way that is.

I was stuck in my own way almost a decade ago now and life turned me upside down and spun me on my head a few times before I stopped and listened.   I had to hear the message that the Universe was sending. " Julie, you need to stop and look within yourself." So I did, and when I looked, I was shocked. I found a space inside of me that was undefined. I didn't know myself. I was someone who had labels and opinions of others wedged deep within my soul. It took much pain in my world for me to "get" that I had lived my entire life trying to be a person that would be liked by everyone. Since I was a child, I described myself as a chameleon. Chameleons are very good at blending in and "being" their environment, never standing out and never being unique. I was proud too!  Well, I soon realized that chameleons blend in and 'be' what their environment is in an effort to protect. I had been is such a habit of self-protection, I never created or developed myself when it became time to grow and spread my wings. I spent much of my late teen years and young adult life making sure I was the "person" everyone wanted me to be. Let me tell you that can't go on forever. The powers that be just won't allow it.

For me, it was mental illness that did me in.... and Thank the Gods it did... because that was the start of me not only realizing that I had no identity (aka definition of myself) but more importantly it was the start of my journey to self discovery and a moment when I started to actively define myself. 


I made the decision to put into practice this quote by George Bernard Shaw:  

"Life isn't about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself."

I was at rock bottom and you know what they say, the only way left to go is up! 

For me up was about discovering myself. This required me to put myself first. Putting yourself first is hard. 


The biggest learning I had on the road to recovering from mental illness was that a person must humbly love themselves the most in this world; more than a mother can love a child. Not from a selfish perspective, but from a pendulum balancing perspective. Living by other people's definitions of how they think we "should" be seems all well and good until the ball swings too far left, and that is when you neglect your deepest truth and purpose causing eventual burnout or illness; and defining and honoring  oneself is a must but not at the expense of neglecting your responsibilities or others. Having a self-centered focus is what's needed and at the core it must be defined as humble self-love. From there you can develop a relationship with yourself that allows you to know, deeply know, that you can and will be able to rely on your own self and that you are worth so much! You truly are. It took a dance with mental illness to teach me this truth.

Developing a relationship with yourself that is uplifting not self deprecating is key. Seeing yourself first as beautiful, good enough and worthy is the place to start forming that relationship with yourself.  


If you are stuck and ready for change do this one thing: consciously develop a positive and self-loving mindset.

Developing a mindset that you are important, significant, worthy, powerful, loveable, good enough etc is the first step to fueling self empowerment. Look at yourself in the mirror everyday for a month and recite these phrases out loud:

"I am worthy" 

"I am powerful"

"I am beautiful " 

"I am magnificent " 

"I am good enough" 

Write your own and add them to the list. If you want to start moving forward from a place of feeling stuck, bored or directionless start with these daily declarations of self-love. Tell yourself all these things and don't wait to be told by someone else. Define yourself and watch the magic happen.

 ~to your self-mastery and wellness


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Ignite Love within Self

Speak up and share the spark. Embrace and love yourself humbly so that others may see that change truly starts within. For hate and racism to dispel we must look at the finger we point and see the 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. 


If you want change in the world. Change within

Ignite the love within Self.

Everyone influences someone.

I am sharing a truth that came my way yesterday.

There is a need to speak up about what is going on in the world. Racism shall not be tolerated.

These people can not see past their distortion and I believe that each of us who is not affected by this distortion and can see the truth... the Universal truth that exists without question ... can offer something.

We can offer our attention.

We can speak out and share our light.

We can continue to brighten the truth that resides within us, by continuing to work on ourselves.

Constantly improving ourselves inwardly, not only outwardly. Our physical health is important but our inner health is as important and requires attention.

Are we focused on negative self talk? Are we beating our own selves up and believing we are not good enough? Are we telling ourselves we are powerless? What are we saying to ourselves? What negativity is buried deep in our unconscious?


We must grow our spark; we must grow our flame the flame of magnificence  that we all have. Some flames are dim and need nourishment. It starts first with ourselves. We must LOVE ourselves in order to spread love and help raise the minds and hearts of those who are seeing a distorted view, whose flames may be dim.


When we can clear out the negativity of our own description of our own selves, when we can really see our true beauty and magnificence, when we step forward and shine we give others the gift of looking within themselves because we become the example.

Ignite your love within Self.

Your Self.

Shine. Value yourself humbly and deeply and as you ignite your spark and give it life, clear out the negativity inside yourself, not just in your environment... when you show up with clarity ....others will do the same💕


with love,  

❤️~Julie xo

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The Unconscious Truth

Have you noticed, lately, that you are waking up in the wee hours? Eyes spring open and you are awake at 4am with a churning feeling in your core and muddled thoughts coming from all directions? 


Anxiety? Stress? Emotional discomfort?

You just can't really pin point why. All you focus on is that it's too early and that in itself carries with it dred that your day will be riddled with that heavy feeling of foggy brain and full body fatigue., and the cycle begins and sleep escapes you.

ugh! I've been there. Back in the before days.

Back in the "before days" is what I say when I'm describing my life before discovering NLP, the unconscious mind and the amazing benefits of Timeline Therapy©. Back then I woke up frequently throughout the night with worry, stress and jumbled thoughts filled with "what if's" and a strong focus on the terrible looming cloud I felt following me around everywhere. My day would begin and I would go about it as usual and inevitably  get to the end of my day exhausted.

The cycle would repeat. 

These days I am a few designations further in my career training and I understand my relationship with my unconscious mind better. 

Did you know we have an unconscious mind? Some people refer to it as sub-conscious. In NLP the word "sub" refers to "less than" and truly there is nothing "less than" when it comes to your unconscious mind.  It is the 90% of your mind that goes about it's business just outside of your awareness. Anything you are immediately aware of is your conscious mind. Your conscious mind judges, edits, reasons and is the logic side of your mind. The unconscious mind is responsible for all autonomic processes of the body like breathing, blinking and temperature regulation as well as believing EVERYTHING your conscious mind tells it. Which is why negative self talk can be extremely damaging to us.

The unconscious mind is predominantly regulating our physiology and is responsible for most if not all of our behavior. Behavior that includes waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to reach sleep again. This is a behavior that is disruptive, outside of our awareness and when it happens our conscious mind analyzes and starts the flurry of thoughts that end up contributing to our untimely wakefulness.

So what? 

Well, if you find yourself up frequently in the wee hours there can be many reasons, we all know them. Stress, worry, fatigue, health issues, just to name a few. The one we don't all know about is the part that when our unconscious mind is trying to get us ( or rather or 'conscious' us) to notice something that needs to be dealt with. Often times it can be a deep negative emotion that we have suppressed from way back in our younger years. Often the negative emotion will be present and in our awareness right away as we awaken. Next time it happens take note. What emotion are you feeling? Really try to identify it. Fear? Anger? Sadness - do you want to cry immediately when you are awakened, yet again for the 5th night in a row. Pay attention as it might be mere frustration of the immediate situation or it might be tied in to something deeper. It can be that your unconscious mind wants you to pay attention to the emotion that is present. If so, It is likely negative ( anger, sadness, fear, hurt or guilt) and it is likely that it is unwarranted; meaning, you can not tie the emotion to anything specific that is currently going on in  your world; and if you can the emotion will be disproportionate to any current situation; for example, you fly into a rage for the slightest little thing going on - maybe a toothpaste lid not on the tube or a toilet paper roll placed incorrectly and it is unrolling the "wrong way". 

If sleep is evading you, pay attention to your dreams, the emotions that are present and really acknowledge what might be coming up from your unconscious mind for you to deal with consciously. Keep a journal and write, as this allows you to give your attention to what you are feeling. Paying attention to those feelings and just acknowledging them can be all that is needed to allow your unconscious mind to be satisfied and let go of what it has been hanging on to. The simple act of acknowledging those emotions may get you the peaceful nights sleep you need.

Wishing you a deep and restful sleep! 

-❤️ Julie xo



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Now you know!

It's all within you already. Just trust yourself 💕


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Guess what I've been up to!

Hello beautiful people! Today I decided to video blog...

check it out! 


Click here to read an awe inspiring testimonial!!  


Thank you for watching! 

 To book a complimentary in person or over the phone consultation to learn more about how my program can transform you and your life please click this link and fill out the contact form.





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A transformation like no other! - Testimonial

"At 61, I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and stagnant, with negativity all around me.  My weight loss had stalled and I kept getting injured, which was slowing my journey.

Frustrated and disappointed, I felt the future was going to be a slow decline to the grave, when a new hope crossed my path.  The hope came from Julie Creightons' Self Mastery Breakthrough Program.

The Self-Mastery Breakthrough Program was explained to me, and I was made very aware of the level of commitment that would be required of me, in order to achieve success with it.  The commitment of time, energy, money and sticking with it through the uncomfortable parts, were absolutely necessary.  I decided that staying stuck was not an option, so change was necessary.

I had faith that Julie had my best interests in mind, so I surrendered to the process without reservation.  I faithfully followed the regimen she set out, and have been abundantly rewarded!

My transformation has been astounding!!

Healing past traumas has afforded me new opportunities to improve family relationships.

  My goal setting is now realistic and doable.  I have learned strategies to protect myself from negativity.  I finally broke through my weight loss plateau, losing 20 pounds during the Breakthrough Process.

My physical health improved, with my injuries healing, by setting and sticking to smart goals.

My confidence and profound change, physically, emotionally and spiritually, radiates from me, causing family and friends to remark on it often.

This program has been the easiest, and yet the most challenging journey of my life.  To break free of patterns and habits that no longer serve me, to set and follow goals to completion, and just to be comfortable in my own skin has been an amazing accomplishment for me.

The key to my success has been:
  1.  Sincerely desiring positive change in my life
  2.  Giving myself permission to surrender to the process.
  3.  Complete faith that I was safe
  4.  No judgement of me by Julie Creighton, and her respect for my privacy.

Julie has consistently provided encouragement, compassion and support throughout the program, but has also taken a firm, no nonsense stance when I needed it.  Her steadfast and unwavering countenance, with no judgement, has helped me to always operate from a perspective that honours my best and highest most authentic self.

I highly recommend Julie Creightons Self Mastery Breakthrough Program to help you transform and achieve all that you need to become unstuck and find happiness and success again!

It is a PRICELESS service to give to yourself.
WORTH EVERY CENT!!!"~ Debbie B. 



Working with Debbie was an absolute pleasure and it ignited a spark within me that fuels my desire to help people end their own suffering and achieve greatness!! Debbie, if you are reading this it was an absolute honour 💕 

 ~ With Love, Julie

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Introducing the REAL you!

You have been working on yourself forever! How do you KNOW when the true and authentic you is the one people see?


The moment that you can walk your walk and talk your talk all the while understanding that some people might not believe in you, they might not be content with you and they might not accept you.

That moment of realization is proof you are being the true you. 

The moment you realize that it's ok for people to be this way. They require it for their own learning in life. You require it so that you are able to acknowledge that all the opinions and thoughts of others are about where they are in the understanding of things as well as where they are in the understanding of WHO you are.

The proof here is that you REALIZE and embrace the fact that there is no need for you to take it to heart and be offended.

The moment YOU truly believe in yourself and are wholly your self will be the same moment that you realize another person's negative opinion of you or negative suggestion to you no longer offends you.

This is evidence that you are being who you truly are.

Until the above happens you are not really being your true self out there in the world.

I say this because your true self would love YOU so much that the outside negativity would not get in. Until you love yourself THAT much, you still need to search and sculpt yourself into that authentic person you already are. You just need to chisel off the dust and layers that have covered you over time.

Like the great sculptor Michelangelo said: "Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it." So be your own sculptor and seek to discover and reveal the incredible statue inside. That statue IS you, your TRUE you.


Keep in mind the authentic you is REAL!

You ought not wait until you reach an impossible perfection. You ought to seek self acceptance that wherever you are in your own understanding of yourself and the world YOU live in is perfect.

Imperfectly perfect.

Walk the walk imperfectly perfect, show yourself at every growth stage and know that you are absolutely magnificent where ever you are. Just keep moving forward.💕


I have an insatiable desire to help people stop their own suffering. I hope I have helped you in some small way🌷

~with love, Julie

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Let Go! Uh.... How?!

Let Go! Uh.... How?!

"Just let it go."  

I hear people say this all the time. I say it frequently to people.  I practice it regularly myself. Recently I discovered that what I thought " Letting Go" was, maybe wasn't at all.

First off, let me describe what "letting go" is: It is the ability to release a bargain that we are unconsciously holding ourselves hostage to.  

Usually a situation occurs like someone said or did something, we lost a job, a friend or a loved one and there is grief, sadness or anger tied in. We go over and over the situation in our minds, obsess over it and feel the negative emotions that are tied into them strongly,  usually daily. Why do we hang on so strongly? That is the bargaining part. It is because we have made the unconscious decision to hold ourselves hostage in a deep, dark place until "justice" is served.  Usually the justice is something that can never occur. You see our unconscious mind operates at about a 7-8 year old level and it's rarely, how shall I say it? REALISTIC. 

The end result is being stuck in negative emotion and never having the justice served.

Then we hear people, like me saying to us " just let it go!" You wonder to yourself, "How the ef, do I do THAT?!?" Great question!

It's an inside job. The secret ingredient is awareness.


Just knowing what you know now about the unconscious mind and its ability to hold you hostage due to a bargaining tactic that will never see justice can be a huge a-ha for many people. Although, if you are anything like I was, it might not be enough. If so, with your newly discovered awareness on the topic you can add the following "practice steps":

1. Allow tears or any other emotion to flow. Tears show up with sadness  (obviously) , but they can bubble up with anger, frustration, guilt, fear, hurt too. Let them out. If you believe that tears are a sign of weakness, knock that sh!t off!!! Not true. It's just not. Men and women need to let tears out. It's the releasing part! If you push the tears down you are gluing yourself into "stuck". 

Just stop it ! If the urge strikes, Cry.  If you need to rage and hit something, do it safely and join a kickboxing class or invest in a punching bag and boxing gloves.

2.  Laugh. Some people don't sense an urge to become a pool of tears. Some people upon reflection and understanding of a situation laugh or I see people laugh through their tears and they say it's because they felt a lifting or release and suddenly there is joy. Yep! I see it all the time with my clients.

3. Acceptance: Every situation that we can't let go of has a deeper lesson. Find the lesson and you are freed. It's easier to find the lesson after you allow your body to physically release and "let go". That's why I put it in the number 3 spot: accept that you learned something out of the situation. Learning the lesson tied into the situation is cathartic and is key to releasing ourselves as hostage. 

4. Calm is what you will be left with. When you have your lesson, felt your emotion and allowed it to express up and out of you - you have successfully let go. Congratulations!   

Life is one beautiful lesson after another. Sometimes disguised in tradgedy or disaster. No matter how big or small there is a lesson.  Allow yourself to be human and emote, it's necessary. Don't allow your 7-8 yr old unconscious mind to hold you hostage. Now you have a little more awareness and my hope is another piece to the puzzle of how to let go. 

My deepest desire is to help end people's suffering and if you are suffering I hope this helps ❤️ 

~with love, Julie xo

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What does Self-Mastery and Wellness Have to do with Traditional Martial Arts?

What does Self-Mastery and Wellness Have to do with Traditional Martial Arts?


Self expression through the development of mental and emotional understanding and control.

Self defense which teaches preservation of mind and body

Self control, self commitment, self worth, self respect, self understanding, self realization

I could go on. The training itself causes the practitioner to attain the highest level of Self-Mastery and Wellness!

If they choose to.

Teaching others martial arts and guiding people as a Self Mastery coach with additional coaching skills  is truly a wonderful combination and both compliment one another naturally.

Know that YOU are worth investing in. 


My personal SUPER DISCOVERY that has occurred as a result of my own training has been finding a connection within myself. I have recognized my worth, and I am enjoying the journey to growing older as a time to focus on being a better me. Staying fit of mind and body through the practice of Self-Mastery and wellness focus. My training has played a large role in getting me here. 



The journey a person takes on the path of traditional martial arts training is NOT a path to learn to FIGHT! It is a path of constant self improvement, you never reach perfection and you understand that there is perfection already within the imperfections of yourself. Learning to spend time money and energy in training YOUR mind, body and energy that flows through.


Self Mastery is achieveable by anyone. Training physically in a traditional martial art will help the process and I realize that this is not for everyone but the Self Mastery part is rooted in having a growth or black belt mindset.  You can develop the mindset of a black belt through mindset training and find it easier to master all areas of you mind, body and energy that flows through. Once you've mastered this foundation you can easily move on to mastering ALL areas of your life!  This is true success.


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