Giving thanks to a very important person

Let’s give thanks to the person at the center of your world….YOU!!!

That’s right!!! YOU!


When was the last time that you expressed gratitude for yourself?

Are you grateful for the person you are?

Do you spend time honoring your mind, body and the energy that flows through?

Don’t mistaken what I am saying for Self Gratification…

Self Gratitude is comprised of the actions and thoughts that create an internal environment of self appreciation.  Self Gratification is the act of pleasing oneself or satisfying one’s desires.

They are different.

Today in the spirit of Thanksgiving I would like to challenge you to pause and reflect on your own self.  Scan yourself head to toe.  Sit for a moment and mindfully choose to describe yourself positively.


I don’t mean find what you recall others think is positive about you and reflect on that.  I mean scan your body and mindfully choose to describe it positively.  For instance, when I do this I choose to do it when I am in the shower and as I bathe I focus on how my feet provide me the ability to stand strong and balanced and they carry me forward in life.  My legs provide speed and are long and allow me to reach higher and metaphorically they allow me to “go the distance”

Do you see what I mean?

We tend to either talk trash about ourselves and our bodies with phrases like:

“I hate my body”,

“I am ugly”

“I don’t like my legs”

“I am fat, urgh!”

“My feet are gross”

“My face is too chubby”

“My hair is stringy”

“ I wish I was a natural blond”

“I am stupid”

“I don’t like myself”

Or we acknowledge the so called “positives” we have adopted by what others tell us about ourselves.


 The words you use not only describe your world, the words you use create it. So create your own positive definition of yourself for yourself.

Your mind is a powerful thing and the words that you hear yourself say about yourself will embed deep into your mind, set up house just outside your conscious awareness and then create a lens that you view life with.    You will start to believe this nonsense about yourself.


I would like to introduce you to the idea that you decide and create worthiness in yourself; and you ARE worthy.  YOU are beautiful. You are magnificent!  I truly believe that we all are. We are more than our bodies and our thoughts we are unique individuals that come into this world with the potential to impact it with our unique perspective and work that we choose to do. 

Unfortunately we model our self worth by how others treat us from a very young age.  Abuse, neglect, negativity and simply the perspective of a child ends up creating our self image and self worth.  It’s not to blame anyone, it just is what it is.  We pattern and adopt the opinions of others as our own from a very young age.  We have to. Our survival depends on it. It is not a bad thing always, in fact it is how we learn to walk, talk, read and write.  When it comes to how we see ourselves and define ourselves….it can be a flawed system.  That said we are not prisoner to it. We just have to be aware of it.

So, I am challenging you to review and reflect on how you define yourself?  Do you?  How are you as a person?  What are all your strengths? What is amazing about yourself? Create a list of positive words that describe you.  By the way, I said POSITIVE words.  We tend to focus on our negatives, the things we don’t like and wish to change.  Today, focus on what positives you decide you are and every time you have self talk watch for the words....switch them to the ones on your new list

A client challenged me on this once saying “ won’t I become conceited and arrogant?” My answer is “NO”.  What keeps us humble is the notion that we are perfect and imperfect. We have perfection within all our imperfections. 


We acknowledge that we are in fact actually quite imperfect beings, however, when we know that this just means we have capacity to learn it allows us to focus on our positive attributes all the while staying humble. 


Personally, I know that I am not perfect, but I focus my thoughts about myself on my deep internal magnificence.  Some people call it our soul essence, or our connection to the Universe, God, Allah or The Source; you might call it connection the the Great Architect in the Sky…or perhaps it’s a connection to your intuition or that calm space you go to upon meditation; THAT part of you is the part to focus on; the person within.  Choose to give thanks to that person.

YOU, that’s the perfect you

The you that has been through it all with you.

The you that has been your best friend, weathered the struggles and challenges and all the difficulties.

You never left your side.

Give Thanks today for YOU.

You had your back and will HAVE your back always in the future so be your own best friend, and love yourself first. Humbly.


Choose today to define yourself by all that you have learned in the past through mistakes and failures, things not done or transgressions that you have done. Those moments don’t define you, those moments create wisdom, allow you to learn and are an opportunity to become a better version of yourself as a result!


How exciting does that sound!!!!


Imagine that all this time you have been creating your best self, the best version of yourself and it doesn’t stop there, as you continue on your path forward in life with this new perspective and self appreciation focus you will lay a foundation of humility, self confidence and deep deep self worth.  If you seek achievement and successful results in all areas of your life, you MUST first choose to see yourself in a positive way and then choose to love that person more than a fairytale mother loves her infant child. 


It’s easy and effortless to start; just begin today by knowing that you are perfect inside and out, acknowledge it and ignite the spark of love for yourself like you would for your BFF!


Give Thanks today for the person at the center of your world…

YOU! And...



To your Self-Mastery and Wellness,


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