Ignite Love within Self

Speak up and share the spark. Embrace and love yourself humbly so that others may see that change truly starts within. For hate and racism to dispel we must look at the finger we point and see the 3 fingers pointing back at ourselves. 


If you want change in the world. Change within

Ignite the love within Self.

Everyone influences someone.

I am sharing a truth that came my way yesterday.

There is a need to speak up about what is going on in the world. Racism shall not be tolerated.

These people can not see past their distortion and I believe that each of us who is not affected by this distortion and can see the truth... the Universal truth that exists without question ... can offer something.

We can offer our attention.

We can speak out and share our light.

We can continue to brighten the truth that resides within us, by continuing to work on ourselves.

Constantly improving ourselves inwardly, not only outwardly. Our physical health is important but our inner health is as important and requires attention.

Are we focused on negative self talk? Are we beating our own selves up and believing we are not good enough? Are we telling ourselves we are powerless? What are we saying to ourselves? What negativity is buried deep in our unconscious?


We must grow our spark; we must grow our flame the flame of magnificence  that we all have. Some flames are dim and need nourishment. It starts first with ourselves. We must LOVE ourselves in order to spread love and help raise the minds and hearts of those who are seeing a distorted view, whose flames may be dim.


When we can clear out the negativity of our own description of our own selves, when we can really see our true beauty and magnificence, when we step forward and shine we give others the gift of looking within themselves because we become the example.

Ignite your love within Self.

Your Self.

Shine. Value yourself humbly and deeply and as you ignite your spark and give it life, clear out the negativity inside yourself, not just in your environment... when you show up with clarity ....others will do the same💕


with love,  

❤️~Julie xo

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