2018 Awaken The Power Within! Heal, Transform and Empower yourself with Mind, Body, Spirit Self Defence

Welcome to the 1st Annual 2018 Awaken The Power Within 2 Part Course! - A unique self defence training opportunity designed with the goal of mastering and bringing about wellbeing for the Mind, Body and Spirit.  


About the Teacher:

With over 15 years experience in teaching and training in the art of self-defence, I have learned that there is more to self defence than fighting off an attacker.  The training aspect of self defence is truly transformative, healing and empowering.  This training allows for the full expression of self.  When you are sitting in the authenticity of the true expression of YOURSELF you are at your most powerful!  This self defence series of weekend workshops, is like no other; it takes the participant beyond the physical; it includes self defence education and training for the mind, body and spirit (the energy that flows through us), using concepts and techniques from the traditional martial arts and self defence techniques of Karate; the energy art and meditation techniques of tai chi and Huna (Hawai'ian shamanism), the mindfulness practices of Ho'oponopono, the NLP model of communication, self-hypnosis techniques and so much more. Participants will go home with practical techniques that can be used on their own at home after the training.

(course outline below).

What is Self Defence?

Self defence is the action of a person defending themselves against a threat or attack.  Most only think of the physical aspect of this and seek out a course to learn how to fight off a thug if ever needed in the future. Since most of us do not live in an environment where we have to defend ourselves on the street every day, we assume that we don't even need to have a set of self defence skills anyway.  This is really not the case. I believe we do.  Self defence  is so much more than being able to protect yourself from a physical threat. Self defence is the skillful application of safeguarding  every aspect of your person or of your  "WHOLE SELF". It includes safeguarding against not only a possible physical threat, but also threats to mental, emotional and spiritual well-being. The biggest battles we will see in our life, do not come from outside, instead, they come from inside of us. The internal battles are real for many of us. Self Defence includes the well being and health, finances, relationships, education, business and career. 

Take this training If you need healing and empowerment

90% of the self defence skills needed by everyone lies here - not in the physical skills of fighting off an attacker. Most people are unaware of this fact.

-You are at the center of your life and this self defence training will empower and transform you into being able to safeguard yourself and all aspects of your life.  Safe guarding these areas is done through learning and implementing skills that will ensure you are cultivating the life you want.

-You will not only create the life you want, you will become an empowered and POWERFUL person, inside and out.

-You will attain a unique set of skills that allow for the practise of extreme self care, and the cultivation of self love. 

-You will learn mind alignment techniques  taught through mindfulness and meditation practices as well as through the NLP model of communication, Inner Child Integration and more. 

-You will learn verbal and physical boundary setting techniques that include street self defence.

-You will skillfully achieve an understanding of how to create and maintain the state of full alignment between the mind, spirit AND the body, so that you can achieve and manifest your perfect life.

Course description

This 2- part weekend course will take you on a journey towards deep self-mastery and wellness that empowers you to create a life that is inspired, aligned and fulfilling. If you are not already living the life of your dreams, chances are you are blocked and there is likely a battle that rages within that keeps you confused, bored, depressed, or just simply stuck and unhappy. 

The theme of the weekends is: The 3 battles. These are the disagreements going on inside of you between your mind, body and spirit ( I like to describe spirit as the energy that flows through all living things and the Universe, you might have your own concept of this energy).  These disagreements cause in-congruence and misalignment between what we truly want for ourselves and what we are actually receiving in life.  Most of us are not even aware that there is disagreement going on, it runs under our conscious radar and can show up in our life as dis-ease, pain, depression, anxiety, lack of fulfillment, relationship issues, employment and career stalls and stagnancy, family discord, weight gain, health issues, injuries and much more. 

How can you tell if the 3 battles are going on within you; just ask yourself one question: "Am I happy, healthy and wealthy?" If the answer is not a resounding, ecstatic YES, and you want to jump on top of a roof and share your amazing life with everyone, or if you doubt on any level then you know that there is some disagreement going on inside of you, perhaps just under your radar. This course will help you identify, uncover and release these blocks.

When there is disagreement and misalignment between the mind, body, and spirit, it is because through our busy lives we have become distracted from caring for the most important person in our world. Our own self and by self,  ALL aspects of ourselves; our minds (conscious and unconscious/subconscious), body, and a connection to something bigger than ourselves (spirit and energy of Nature and the Universe).  When we ignore, or are too distracted we  simply become unaware of the importance of being aligned. Most people don't know how to create alignment, and when out of alignment,  the very core of our being becomes restless, unsettled, and disagreement will ensue. Your conscious and unconscious mind, if in disagreement, cause you to make decisions that keep you small, uninspired, and perhaps stalled. Symptoms will occur within your body in an attempt to catch your attention so that you can do something to bring peace within but you are so disconnected from your body awareness that you don't realize it is trying to communicate with you. 

Join the 2018 Awaken The Power Within - Conquering The 3 Battles 2- part weekend training course and you will leave with a renewed and uplifted feeling.

You will be revitalized, ignited and empowered to grab control of your life and have the courage to step up into the world authentically and unapologetically, set achievements and conquer those achievements. 

You will have a better understanding of how your unconscious programing can sabotage your achievement of success and prevent you from making the decisions you need to make or taking the actions you need to take.

You will have a deeper connection within yourself.

You will see yourself as the magnificent being that you are and you will walk away with feelings of increased self worth, self confidence, self discipline, self respect and self love.

You will take away knowledge and information that you can continue to use as you create the person and life you truly desire.

Dates & Times

September 21st - 7pm to 9pm

September 22nd and 23rd - 10am to 5pm

October 26th - 7pm to 9pm

October 27th and 28th 10am to 5pm

Price includes all dates: $430+taxes

Location in Milton ON. to be announced

*Please note both weekends MUST be attended. Weekends are not available separately.

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Course Outline

WEEKEND 1: Mind and Spirit (aligning, deepening awareness and safeguarding these two aspects of ourselves).

Friday Sept. 21st- 7pm-9pm:

  1. Introduction, review of weekend and expectations, group guided meditation

Saturday, Sept. 22 - Sunday Sept 23- 10am -5pm (each day)

Topics to be covered (subject to change depending on needs of the group)

  1. What are the 3 disagreements (battles) within?
  2. The 4 Bodies and The 3 Minds
  3. NLP Model of Communication
  4. Releasing Negative Emotions and Limiting Decisions that block us
  5. The Mind Model and Prime Directives
  6. The Key to unlocking your personal power
  7. The Principals for Change
  8. Harnessing the 4 stages of learning to achieve every outcome you want
  9. The Huna Model of Energy and Connection.
  10. Ho'oponopono - What it is, how to use it and why it's effective.
  11. Energy- Chi, Prana, Mana....The energy that exists within us and outside of us. 
  12. You Body is Telling You Something. How to develop your intuition and trust of self.
  13. The Pendulum. A beginner's tool to help identify the signals your body is giving.
  14. Trusting your decisions - a daily practice
  15. Mindfulness Meditation
  16. Introduction to Deep Trance Meditation and Self Hypnosis.

*Please note there will be a simple daily practise exercise assigned after weekend 1 in preparation for weekend 2.

WEEKEND 2: Body (aligning, deepening awareness and safeguarding our physical self through education, practice and training in street self defence skills, and conditioning)

Friday, Oct 26 - 7pm - 9pm

  1. Welcome and reconnection with group, review of weekend and expectations, group guided meditation.

Saturday, Oct 27 - Sunday, Oct. 28 (10am - 5pm each day)

Topics to be covered (subject to change based on needs of the group)

  1.  Moving meditation and how it relates to self defence and safe guarding.
  2. What self defence is not
  3. The 4 most important steps in self defence
  4. Mindset and awareness of self defence, before and in the moment
  5. Important things to take note of in self defence
  6. Pressure points and vital spots
  7. Legalities
  8. The best most effective self defence (works every time guaranteed)
  9. How to hit back if you have to
  10. If you are grabbed picked up or punched, what do you do
  11. How to use a Kubaton  (a legal self defence tool that you can carry with you on your key chain)
  12. Home invasion what to do
  13. The Sword and Shield: how parents can protect their children together if confronted somewhere.
  14. Appropriate clothing for self defense
  15. What about weapons?

*Please note that this weekend will include physical training and some light conditioning that is designed for the beginner in mind.

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