Thank you for your time and interest! I am so pleased to offer you my special audio recording "QIGONG GUIDED MEDITATION & HEALING as a heartfelt gift of gratitude for subscribing to our community. My passion is to guide you towards mastering all the aspects of your entire “self” as well as mastering the journey and life you wish to lead!

This gift is an audio recording that guides the listener into meditation with Qigong breathing techniques and guided visualization. At the end I have included distance healing for the listener with the intention to magnify their own healing or restorative focus. The intention of this recording is to bring about peace and relaxation to you and to restore the alignment of your Mind, Body and the Energy that flows through you (Spirit). When your “Self” is whole and in complete alignment wellness and health is a byproduct.

This guided meditation and visualization that is infused with magnified healing is a general all encompassing wellness tool. No matter what ails you, this recording will be beneficial. Below is a list of some conditions that this recording is intended for, but not limited to:

-Anxiety, depression, viruses or bacteria, acute injury/pain, headache, migraine, aches, chronic pain, inflammation, anything that ails you.

-Unresolved emotions like rage, anger, sadness, fear, hurt, guilt, heartache, low self esteem and any other negative emotion that comes to mind and is a burden.

~From my heart to yours, creating a ripple effect and restoring inner and outer peace one person at a time.


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