We need more DUMB in the world!!!

   WE DO! 


  It just might change the climate ...

The climate controlled and held within people.

The weather found on the inside. The emotional and mental weather found within all of us can be changed from Stormy, Dreary, Cold, Scorching, and blistering Hot internal weather (aka moods and emotions) into Calm, Peaceful, Clear, Still, and even Neutral weather. 

I see and feel the boiling climate in people these days. Heads down, trying to get their day done so that they can go to bed and get their next day done...over and over... 

This is truly not a way to live.... 

Living life must be vibrant and inspiring!!! Waking up excited for what is in store! New experiences, new joys, and beautiful people to encounter!

Can you remember a time when you woke up totally inspired?!? Go back to that memory right now! Close your eyes and see it. Take a moment to bring it all into focus and feel what you felt in your body at the time and bring that to your mind. Really SEE It! Add colour to the memory and blow it up BIG and BRIGHT! Take it further and now HEAR any pertinent sounds in that memory !! 

Do you feel the INSPIRATION?! Yes of course! Because it is in your memory. Doesn't it feel wonderful? Wouldn't it be amazing to feel that feeling every day in your life? How incredible would that be? You can bring back a positive memory every morning to anchor your day in inspiration using this technique. I do it and it works! I love it. 

You can even go a step further to inspire yourself and you can do this by developing more DUMB in your life... By that I mean develop a Dream Driven Goal! 

Read mine in the picture below: 


I believe Self Mastery in life is key to living a well rounded, joyous and fulfilling life. It is essential for aging miraculously and I believe if all people were aligned and congruent in mind, boy and energy that flows through the planet would benefit as a whole.

Creating a DUMB Goal is a process that helps a person develop self mastery. It all needs to start with a flame.

Self Mastery involves building a fire of INSPIRATION  within yourself!!

 "In-spiration" comes from within you. It is harnessed and engineered by YOU for YOU.

Motivation is different. It is a by-product of INSPIRATION and it is the impact created from INSPIRATION! Motivational speakers impact you with THEIR inspiration and it is wonderful !!  I am motivated by many!

However, what if you couldn't access them one day? Your fire will shrink because the source is gone.

I challenge you to include the development of INSPIRATION within yourself. This will be a source that is sustainable AND everlasting in your journey and you will wake up totally motivated by it. EVERYDAY!

Start by setting your DUMB goal and see how that will light a fire within!

This video will help you get started :)


To Your Self Mastery and Wellness! 


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