What does Self-Mastery and Wellness Have to do with Traditional Martial Arts?


Self expression through the development of mental and emotional understanding and control.

Self defense which teaches preservation of mind and body

Self control, self commitment, self worth, self respect, self understanding, self realization

I could go on. The training itself causes the practitioner to attain the highest level of Self-Mastery and Wellness!

If they choose to.

Teaching others martial arts and guiding people as a Self Mastery coach with additional coaching skills  is truly a wonderful combination and both compliment one another naturally.

Know that YOU are worth investing in. 


My personal SUPER DISCOVERY that has occurred as a result of my own training has been finding a connection within myself. I have recognized my worth, and I am enjoying the journey to growing older as a time to focus on being a better me. Staying fit of mind and body through the practice of Self-Mastery and wellness focus. My training has played a large role in getting me here. 



The journey a person takes on the path of traditional martial arts training is NOT a path to learn to FIGHT! It is a path of constant self improvement, you never reach perfection and you understand that there is perfection already within the imperfections of yourself. Learning to spend time money and energy in training YOUR mind, body and energy that flows through.


Self Mastery is achieveable by anyone. Training physically in a traditional martial art will help the process and I realize that this is not for everyone but the Self Mastery part is rooted in having a growth or black belt mindset.  You can develop the mindset of a black belt through mindset training and find it easier to master all areas of you mind, body and energy that flows through. Once you've mastered this foundation you can easily move on to mastering ALL areas of your life!  This is true success.


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