A transformation like no other! - Testimonial

"At 61, I was at a point in my life where I felt stuck and stagnant, with negativity all around me.  My weight loss had stalled and I kept getting injured, which was slowing my journey.

Frustrated and disappointed, I felt the future was going to be a slow decline to the grave, when a new hope crossed my path.  The hope came from Julie Creightons' Self Mastery Breakthrough Program.

The Self-Mastery Breakthrough Program was explained to me, and I was made very aware of the level of commitment that would be required of me, in order to achieve success with it.  The commitment of time, energy, money and sticking with it through the uncomfortable parts, were absolutely necessary.  I decided that staying stuck was not an option, so change was necessary.

I had faith that Julie had my best interests in mind, so I surrendered to the process without reservation.  I faithfully followed the regimen she set out, and have been abundantly rewarded!

My transformation has been astounding!!

Healing past traumas has afforded me new opportunities to improve family relationships.

  My goal setting is now realistic and doable.  I have learned strategies to protect myself from negativity.  I finally broke through my weight loss plateau, losing 20 pounds during the Breakthrough Process.

My physical health improved, with my injuries healing, by setting and sticking to smart goals.

My confidence and profound change, physically, emotionally and spiritually, radiates from me, causing family and friends to remark on it often.

This program has been the easiest, and yet the most challenging journey of my life.  To break free of patterns and habits that no longer serve me, to set and follow goals to completion, and just to be comfortable in my own skin has been an amazing accomplishment for me.

The key to my success has been:
  1.  Sincerely desiring positive change in my life
  2.  Giving myself permission to surrender to the process.
  3.  Complete faith that I was safe
  4.  No judgement of me by Julie Creighton, and her respect for my privacy.

Julie has consistently provided encouragement, compassion and support throughout the program, but has also taken a firm, no nonsense stance when I needed it.  Her steadfast and unwavering countenance, with no judgement, has helped me to always operate from a perspective that honours my best and highest most authentic self.

I highly recommend Julie Creightons Self Mastery Breakthrough Program to help you transform and achieve all that you need to become unstuck and find happiness and success again!

It is a PRICELESS service to give to yourself.
WORTH EVERY CENT!!!"~ Debbie B. 



Working with Debbie was an absolute pleasure and it ignited a spark within me that fuels my desire to help people end their own suffering and achieve greatness!! Debbie, if you are reading this it was an absolute honour 💕 

 ~ With Love, Julie

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